November 4, 2011

Guild Wars 2: Dev Update by Jon Peters

Ah, finally! We've been starving for new intel for the last couple of weeks, and finally we get some more intel on the new game from ArenaNet, in form of a large update about Engineers, pets and professions combos! Sweet!

Tinkering with the Tool Belt
So after GamesCom and listening to feedback, they've gone back and redesigned and added alot of new skills, and corresponding tool belts to the Engineer's kit. They added 23 new skills! That is awesome :)

To give some examples, an engineer that equips slots 6-9 with Elixir H, Flamethrower, Slick Shoes, and Rocket Boots would now have the following skills in their tool belt:

  • F1 Throw Elixir H: A ground-targeted skill that throws Elixir H at the target area, randomly granting vigor, protection, or regeneration to allies in the area.
  • F2 - Incendiary Ammo: Your next three attacks cause burning.
  • F3 – Super Speed: A very short but powerful speed boost.
  • F4 – Rocket Kick: A kick that causes AoE fire damage.

Jon Peters said, "I personally love popping Incendiary Ammo, firing off a few rounds, swapping to my flamethrower, chasing the enemy with Super Speed, and finishing them off with a Rocket Kick. " about the new skills.

A Ranger's Best Friend
Pets has also seen some work done, and we will be getting 4 different pet slots, 2 for aquatic and 2 terrestial slots. Amphibian pets can occupy any slots. This will make it so that if we get a downed pet, we can get another one out straight away! That's pretty neat?

Pets also have 2 stances now; active and passive. In the active stance, if your pet is doing nothing and you engage in combat, your pet will attack your opponent. In the passive stance, your pet will follow you and not to attack unless explicitly ordered to do so. You’ll be able to toggle between these stances by pressing F3.

Pets no longer evolve. Instead, they are set to the level of the ranger, and their stats and abilities are determined by their species. Each pet belongs to a species and each species belongs to a family. For example, a snow leopard is a species belonging to the feline family of pets.

Cross Profession Combos
There was also more information about cross profession combos, that should make it more clear how they work, and that we'll also get notification in the UI when we do combos, which should help to repeat them in the future.

One of the examples features an Elementalist freezing the ground, the Warrior stomping the ground, and the combo granting armor to nearby allies. Pretty sweet huh?

As always read more, on their blog about the news!


See you back in Tyria!


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