November 9, 2011

Monumental 2: Fellowship - Heroes

As discussed last week we will be delving into the nitty gritty details of your Hall of Monument this week, starting with the Fellowship monument!

This is where all your pets and heroes (companions) goes. A total of 8 Guild Wars 2 reward points can be obtained from this monument for 30, companions, including at least 1 rare pet along with the generic animal companion statue. With only 30 statues currently available for display, all of the must be obtained for full points.

This time we will look at the heroes, and what is required for getting them into the Hall.

To be able to place a companion statue of a Hero in the monument, you have to upgrade their armor. So to save some time, let me quote the Wiki on this part:

Nightfall heroes require one of Ancient Armor Remnants, Stolen Sunspear Armor, Mysterious Armor Piece, or Primeval Armor Remnants to upgrade. Eye of the North heroes require either a Deldrimor Armor Remnant or a Cloth of the Brotherhood instead.
Simple, huh? Well not quite. Some of these are rather expensive, or require luck to get hold off. And ofcourse, you also have to get the heroes themselves. That said, most heroes can be obtained just from going trough the campaigns, but there are ofcourse some exceptions, like Xandra, Kahmu and Olias etc. But lets not make this into a "how-to-obtain-x-hero" post, and continue on!

Last time I was online, armor remnants could be gotten from anywhere between 5k to 14k platinum in Kamadan, Cloth of the Brotherhood being the cheapest (since it has the easiest way to obtain them trough the now well-known AFK farm).

While you fill your Honor monument (where you have your titles and statues for dungeon/campaign completion), your probably gonna be vanquishing and should be able to obtain quite a nice sum of money to help fund this, or find items you can sell yourself to help with funding your monuments.

Join me next week, when look at the Pets of this monument!


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